www.rosewoodfarms.co.uk  – A small family run business in Yorkshire rearing cattle pigs and sheep in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way. The doll’s stuffing wool comes from here.

www.organicpurewool.co.uk   – Based in Wales, supplying wool and yarn from organic rare breed sheep. I often use their yarn for doll hair.

www.fabrications1.co.uk – Shop and workshop space for creative types in Broadway Market, Hackney, London.

www.wildandwoollyshop.co.uk – A wonderful independent yarn shop and workshop space in Clapton, London.

www.dewitteengel.nl/en – A Dutch website selling good quality doll making materials in larger quantities.

www.myriadonline.co.uk – Natural toys and craft materials including doll making supplies in small quantities.

www.junomagazine.com – Juno is a wonderful magazine that promotes a natural approach to family life.

www.stpaulssteinerschool.org  – Steiner school in London. Most of the kindergarten staff have attended my doll making workshops. I have also enjoyed making dolls with the class 6 students in their handwork lessons.