The Dolls

I make new and repair old dolls and I also love to teach doll making.

The dolls I make are very carefully crafted using good quality materials and each take about 12 hours to make. I make them at home in Hackney, East London, no two dolls are ever the same apart from the pattern that they start from. If you would like to order a doll please email me. You can choose from the two types below, ’round ‘ or ‘tall’. You can also choose skin, eye and hair colour. All dolls come with either a dress or dungarees. They cost £95 +p&p.

 Tall Doll  Round Doll
 Tall Doll – 35cm  Round Doll – 35cm, with limbs that can be moved



The materials are organic and local (UK) where possible.

The head is made of washed and carded organic wool covered in a bandage then shaped with strong cotton thread. The skin is a good quality cotton tricot in a choice of three colours. Then the eyes and mouth are embroidered on. For the hair I crochet a cap then sew the hair yarn into it.

I often use a lovely supplier for the brown hair colours using natural un-dyed wool from traditional and rare British breeds of organic sheep at Garthenor in Wales (

The dolls are stuffed with organic sheep’s wool from Rosewood farm in Yorkshire (  where the sheep “live entirely on our synthetic fertiliser and pesticide free pastures, lamb naturally without human intervention and require no routine medication or synthetic pesticides, meaning a residue-free fleece and an entirely sustainable and natural end-product” All good to know if your child is cuddling their doll to sleep at night.

Why wool?

  • Warmth. Wool is a natural insulator and absorbs a wonderfully warm feeling within the dolls.
  • Naturally absorbent. Wool fibre not only pulls excess heat, but also draws in smells. It is very comforting for children to have a doll that smells just like home.
  • Naturally water repellent. Wool is mildew and mould resistant, which require moisture to grow. Wool also repels and resists lint, dust, and dirt.
  • Renewable and sustainable. Wool (shorn from sheep annually) is a renewable resource.
Mopsa at Dalston Dolls
 Mopsa at Dalston Dolls